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Media inquiries and public relations.

Media Inquires

URvet in the Press

Media inquiries and public relations.

Media Inquires
The 9 Very Best Cat Litters

The 9 Very Best Cat Litters Including Options for Controlling Smells and Minimizing Dust.


Ahead, you’ll find nine cat litters (plus a litter-box system and a deodorizer).

Flat Faced Dogs: 8 Breeds and How to Care for Them.

Flat Faced Dogs: 8 Breeds and How to Care for Them.

In the eyes of many, dogs with flat faces are uniquely adorable. Some say their pushed-in faces and large, round eyes remind us of babies, while others can’t get enough of their distinctly human expressions.

Prevention PET HEALTH

Yes, You Should Play With Your Cat

Kitty playtime fulfills two of their basic needs: positive and predictable interactions with

Better Bath Time

Good Housekeeping

Most pets don’t love being washed, but a few tips and tricks can make the scrub-a-dub easier and more fun.

Do’s and Don’ts for pets this holiday season

Fox5NY – Rosanna Scotto Interview

Amanda Stoopler, founder and chief of creative services of URvet Care, joined Good Day New York to discuss the do’s and don’ts for pets this holiday season.

Is it risky to let your dog lick you? The truth about dogs’ mouths being cleaner than humans’


The bacteria in dogs’ mouths usually cannot infect humans because it is incompatible.

Exclusive: URvet Care Co-Founder Aimee Stoopler’s Mission Is To ‘Improve The Conditions For Our Animals That Are Not As Fortunate’: I ‘Want To Create A Safe Space’


Aimee Stoopler, co-founder of URvet Care in New York City, still feels giddy when she gets recognized for being a female founder.

The 25 best gifts for cat lovers, according to pet experts


Whether the cat in your life is a bouncy kitten, a sweet senior or a fluffer in between, they own a piece of your heart.

New healthcare facility for pets in NYC


URvet Care puts general care and specialty care under the same roof.

Making Something From Nothing: Aimee Stoopler Of URvet Care On How To Go From Idea To Launch


As part of our series called “Making Something From Nothing”, I [Fotis Georgiadis] had the pleasure of interviewing Aimee Stoopler.

Fancy Pet Facility to Open First Location on Upper East Side


An upscale, trendy-looking pet care business is opening its very first location on the Upper East Side this month.

New Tenant to Take Over Old Three Star Coffee Shop Space


At long last, the space formerly occupied by Three Star Coffee Shop at 541 Columbus Avenue (at West 86th Street) will soon be taken over by a new tenant.

The 8 Best Cooling Dog Beds of 2022, Tested and Reviewed


Keeping dogs cool in the heat can be a bit tricky. On one hand, many of them seem to love to lounge in the sun, no matter how hot they are. And, on the other, some prefer a comfortable and cozy situation.

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URvet Care expects to open a full-service veterinary hospital on New York’s Upper East Side in late October.