Licensed Veterinary Technician


Born in New York, currently in Long Island, Anita has been a licensed veterinary technician for 26 years. She is experienced in all areas of vet medicine. Her love for animals started early when her father came home with 7 puppies who needed homes.

Since then, Anita has made it her life career to show her compassion for animals. Her focuses are on anesthesia, dentistry, and patient care.

She shares, “My goal is to give all my patients the safest and most comfortable experience possible as these furry ones have parents who love them more than anything. I care for them all as if they were my own.”

Speaking of which, she has three dogs named Princess, Piglet, and Gigi, and two cats named Davidson and Sushi. She has a “wonderful, loving” husband and two “amazing” daughters who have inherited her love for animals.

I strive to always learn better ways to care for my patients as they are the reason I do what I do. We’re so fortunate she’s sharing her talents and passion for animals with us.