Director of Operations

Ashley Bliss

Ashley began her career in veterinary medicine as the head technician in a one doctor practice before pivoting to a six doctor AAHA-accredited hospital with demanding challenges. Thus, her aptitude in implementing the policies and protocols to ensure the gold standard of care of veterinary medicine emerged.

Upon arriving in NYC, Ashley brought her skills to the Schwartzman AMC and managed the care coordination in the emergency services department. She worked to unravel the red tape so commonly present in insurance claims and appeal processes with tenacity and skill.

Ashley abides by the mantra, “Do the best you can until you know better; when you know better, do better.” She considers lifelong learning an absolute priority, and believes that continuing education and training are what make good employees great.

Ashley loves all cats, dogs, and exotic animals, and believes that companion animals are entitled to the same quality of care that humans receive. She enjoys reading, traveling, and still fosters neonatal kittens – “bottle babies”; she has cared for five to six dozen of them to date. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her wife and four cat children – Drake, Nicki Meownaj, Laserboy, and Biscuit.