Customer Service Representative

Asitou Diallo

A native of New York City, Asitou has always showed a passion for assisting people and providing exceptional customer service.  At a young age she fell in love with animals watching her neighbor’s yorkie terrier while they were on vacation. This little terrier, Latte became her very best friend.  It was no surprise that over time people in her neighborhood gravitated to Asitiou to watch their pets as well.  She never looked at it as a job, she loved it and never gave up a single opportunity to watch a furry friend.

Becoming a Veterinary CSR/ Receptionist has been a wonderful gift as it allows her to provide support to others while being around the animals that she loves. It is a feeling that reminds her of her times as a little girl and truly enjoying the ability to help people.

In her free time, you can find Asitou dancing, going to the theatre and playing softball. She is looking forward to enriching her career and studying to become a Registered Nurse and ultimately a vet nurse.  We are lucky to have Asitou greet you when you come through our doors.