Growing up in New York, Dr. Lemp grew up in a virtual zoo with dogs, cats, snakes, birds, and turtles. His grandma even knew he was destined to be a veterinarian, declaring it from the time he was 6-years-old.

Quite naturally, he pursued veterinary medicine and graduated from Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. He has completed multiple specialty internships and excels in emergency medicine.

Dr. Lemp is beyond excited to join URvet Care. He strongly believes in our values and feels we’re bringing a new standard to veterinary medicine.

His special interest is in surgery and he’ll use his experience and knowledge in specialty medicine to help us make life better for animals.

You might find him cheering on his favorite sports team, kayaking, or spending time with friends and family. He is as enthralled by animals as he has always been. His two magnificent pups, named Zucca and Hayes, and two inquisitive cats, named Mojo and Precious, can vouch for that.