To say Dr. Lopez is experienced would be an understatement. She has worked at the University of Florida, was part of the team that developed the canine model for atopic dermatitis, and has been published in several highly esteemed journals such as the American Veterinary Journal of Research

She received her DVM degree from St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine in Grenada, West Indies.

Her varied veterinary interests include dermatology, surgery, and emergency care. She loves to interact with pets and their guardians and came by her love for animals honestly…She grew up with a blue-and-gold macaw and seven Rottweilers!

Too bad she’s an underachiever.

As a scuba diver and avid traveler, she enjoys learning about the histories and cultures of the world and going on safaris to Africa. Already having visited South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, she hopes to go on a river safari in Mozambique and Namibia soon. (As long as she doesn’t stay away from us for too long, we’re fine with that.)

Her three fur babies are two French bulldogs, Roxy Razzle Dazzle and King Pickle Dickle, and a miniature red poodle, affectionately known as “Poodle.”