Licensed Veterinary Technician

Michelle Peralta

Born and raised in NYC, Michelle found her passion for animals as a young child.  She had many different pets and during her summers spent in Puerto Rico she would often wander off looking for stray animal that needed some TLC.

After completing an Associates degree in LAGCC, and a BA in Hunter College, she decided to pursue an education and career in veterinary medicine. She received her B.S in Veterinary Science with a concentration in Veterinary Technology from Mercy College and became a Veterinary Technologist.

Her road in Vet Med started in 2007 and in 2019, she spread her wings to study specialty fields including Oncology, Cardiology and Emergency Medicine. “As an LVT, I strive to practice and continue to learn the best medicine possible for our patients. I want to help provide high quality care alongside a great team, and help effectively educate clients about their pets.”

Free time is spent travelling, fun with friends and family and her partner Juan. 2023 goals include bonding with her new URvet Care family and adopting a dog. We welcome Michelle to our team and can’t wait to see her in action with her new family.