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Revolutionizing UR Pet’s Medical Care

From annual exams and late-night emergency care, to cutting-edge surgeries and advanced treatments by board-certified specialists, we provide the highest level of care for every stage of UR pet’s life

URvet Care is an animal hospital designed to combine emergency, urgent, primary and specialty care all under one roof. Delivered with a level of compassion, integrity and expertise you can't find anywhere else.

We provide best-in-class medicine in a state-of-the-art clinic with a Fear Free® certified team trained to gently reduce stress during visits. From wellness visits to surgeries, unexpected emergencies to advanced cardiac care, our extensive range of services ensures that we’re with you every step of the way.

Emergency and Urgent Care

Whether UR pet is sick, injured, or has an “uh-oh” moment that requires immediate attention, our clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic tests and treatments to get them back on their paws (or claws) in no time.

Beating infection and removing pain are the two of the most important things to address when UR pet experiences a wound. Our team will determine the best treatment necessary based on the extent of the injury, UR pet’s general health, and location of the wound. We are here to ensure that both you and UR pet get the care you need to feel better. We’ll give advice on how best to re-engage in triggering situations. At URvet Care we are with you every step of the way.

We can often identify discomfort in our pets when they are experiencing diarrhea or an upset stomach. Sometimes, this is due to worms and parasites which can be prevented. Most common parasites found in pet’s in NYC include roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, and heartworm, all which are treated with medications from our on-site and online pharmacy. Stop in for an appointment, and a URvet Care doctor will recommend monthly preventive medicines to help combat parasites.

A runny nose can be a big deal for a pet. While clear discharge can be normal, and even happens when ur dog is excited to see you, any discolored (yellow or green) or excessive discharge can be a sign of an infection or a larger issue. Give us a call or walk in if you notice unusual discharge because the longer time infection has to develop the more uncomfortable things get for ur pet.

Vision is so important and eye health is sensitive, having UR pet examined is crucial at first signs of colored discharge or a clouded eye. The causes can come from many sources including viruses, bacteria, allergens, introduction of new products and more. Two of the most common issues seen are glaucoma and gland prolapse.  

Glaucoma is an eye condition that causes a buildup of pressure within the affected eye which when untreated can lead to blindness and may indicate something else is going on with your pet. Gland Prolapse, also known as Cherry eye refers to when the eye is puffy and inflamed. Most cases of cherry eye require surgery to heal.

A change in UR pet’s gait can range from a small limp brought on quickly to a more chronic illness progressing over time. Since these changes often indicate pain, and we know how important your pets ‘comfort is we recommend bringing ur pet in for an evaluation as soon as you are able.  Immediate care is recommended if you notice any bleeding, obvious dislocation, limb dragging, swelling, lethargy (excessively tired), or disorientation. With multiple locations we make it convenient to have follow-up appointments and, if needed, replacement bandages.

The loss of appetite is one of the first signs of illness in animals. Pets aren’t concerned with fitting into swimwear, or shedding for wedding, so when our pet’s appetite changes, that’s often a sign that there is something wrong. It could be as simple as their diet needs to be adjusted, or it could be something more serious. We’ll help identify what might be causing this change and provide next steps to get our pet back on track.

Just like you, having a consistent history of UR pet’s health is a valuable indicator for the changes that can arise.  We know the best way to take care of UR pet is by having a clear picture of their health. Testing allows UR veterinarian to screen for, detect, and monitor diseases. This is why we recommend developing a baseline through consistent diagnostic testing. Every URvet Care hospital is equipped with the latest technology including blood tests, urinalysis, fecal testing, and parasite screening tests as well as advanced imaging on-site from x-rays to ultrasound.

Due to the shape of our pet’s ear canals they are left more susceptible to ear infections. When left untreated an ear infection can progress to the interior of the ear, be extremely uncomfortable, and create additional problems for UR pet. If ur pet is scratching their ears, shaking their head, or you notice a foul odor or redness of the ears ur pet may have a bacterial or fungal ear infection.  Stop in so a URvet Care doctor can assess what is causing the discomfort and offer the right treatment for them! After treatment, our doctors will make personalized recommendations on products that can prevent a reoccurring issue.

Infections, allergies, fat, tumors, cysts, oh my! It is not always easy for you to identify exactly what the new lump or bump on UR pet is, which is why we recommend stopping in to be checked out. Note changes in shape, texture, color, size and how long the bump has been there so we can determine the best medical treatment. While some growths may not seem alarming, it is wise to have them examined by our team. We offer expert guidance on tailored treatments, including cytological evaluation (where we look at some of the cells under a microscope) as well as potential surgical removal and biopsy, based on the type of growth. In some cases, we might recommend these procedures to determine severity and further treatment needs. Our team will also provide advice on monitoring the growth’s development, ensuring timely response to any changes.

It is never intentional, but extremely stressful when a loved one ingests something that can make them extremely sick, this could include plants, table food, household products, marijuana and other extremely harmful items. If your pet has eaten something, give us a call or walk in and one of our knowledgeable team members can walk you through next steps which may include calling Animal Poison Control. A short list of items that can be disastrous include, but are not limited to alcohol, chocolate (especially bakers or dark chocolate), caffeine, chewing gum, coconut in large amounts, grapes + raisins, macadamia nuts, milk, onions, garlic, and chives. 

We love living in NYC, but it can be hard on our pets. The variety of unidentified items they can get into is pretty vast, which can cause more than a rumble in their stomachs. If UR pet is experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, a swollen belly, and, or fatigue—we recommend you bring them in to see us as soon as possible.

If UR pet has ever paid a visit to the groomer, or daycare in NYC, they are at risk of getting Kennel Cough. Due to the highly contagious nature of this respiratory disease, it is recommended that UR pet be vaccinated against kennel cough through the Bordatella vaccine. Even if your pet has been vaccinated against kennel cough, they still need to be vaccinated every year as the immunity wears off over time. Like the yearly flu vaccine in people, a Bordatella vaccine does not mean that UR pet cannot still contract kennel cough, so it is important to know what to look for in case he/she does.   Kennel cough presents as a dry cough that is often followed by vomiting. The cough is often more severe than other types of coughs and can last upwards of two weeks. While it is usually not serious and can be treated with antibiotics, it is important to get it treated early on so that it does not get worse! 

It’s time to come see us when you notice changes in ur pet’s urine frequency, volume, smell, and color, or if ur pet is making unusual noises around urination, having unexpected house accidents. If ur pet stops urinating this is a medical emergency and we recommend immediately visiting our facility to be evaluated by a doctor. 

Male cats are prone to what is often referred to as FLUTD, or feline lower urinary tract disease which can lead to a urinary obstruction or being “blocked.” 

Dogs can develop a behavioral habit called marking which establishes their territory through constant urination. While this is a nuisance, it is not a treatable medical condition. If you think ur dog might have developed marking habits, we invite you to join us at our monthly “Ask the Trainer” event for tips on managing these behaviors.

URvet Care has teamed up with Ambulvet for transportation services that can make receiving treatment accessible and convenient for any emergency.  Give us a call and any of our Client Service Coordinators would be happy to coordinate transportation.

Specialty Care

Our board-certified specialists offer the latest, most innovative surgeries and procedures for treating UR pet’s condition. With cutting-edge technology and precision equipment, we are able to treat even the most complex cases with great success and minimal risk.

Our board-certified oncologist is here to ensure you and UR furry friend have as many sunrises together as possible using advanced, cutting-edge therapies. URvet Care’s team will provide care plans that can include removal of tumors, chemotherapy, electrochemotherapy, Gene-ElectroTransfer, and other treatments to maximize their quality of life and the time you have together.

Sometimes our pets require more advanced surgical care. Maybe they have been diagnosed with a ligament tear, and invasive tumor in a hard-to-reach area, or your pet has co-morbities (a few medical issues happening at once) making routine surgery require additional care. At URvet Care we have a board-certified surgeon, state of the art medical equipment, and a nursing care team trained in the latest anesthetic protocols to ensure your pet receives the best possible outcomes.

URvet Care has curated a team of compassionate and experienced Board-Certified Specialists who are experts in performing cutting edge surgeries for bone and joint injuries. Our in-house evaluations promote cross department collaboration, to properly determine the best procedures to maximize UR pet’s quality of life.

URvet Care is different than any other veterinary clinic, we are designed to offer everything UR pet needs under one roof. Our mission is to provide the most expert medical care to give UR pet the best quality of life which can often mean more than traditional medicine. This is why we offer holistic medicine including acupuncture. Acupuncture has proven incredible benefits to aid mobility, blood flow, muscle and joint healing for UR pet.

Our Veterinarian’s utilize advanced techniques such as orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, to  help improve mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance the quality of life for UR pets. With their expertise and compassion, veterinary orthopedic specialists can make a significant difference in UR pets life as well as yours! 

Imaging is easiest when it’s orchestrated with familiar faces under the same roof as UR primary care veterinarians. Every URvet Care location has a suite designated for advanced imaging technologies including ultrasound and radiology (X-ray). Our state-of-the-art machines are pivotal in correctly identifying the right treatment plan for UR furry friend. Give us a call to set up an assessment.

Diagnostic Services

Veterinary lab work plays a crucial role in the health and well-being of our beloved animal companions.

In a veterinary lab, various tests can be conducted to assess different aspects of an animal’s health. This may include blood tests to check for infections, organ function, or blood cell counts. Urine tests can provide insights into kidney function, while fecal tests can detect parasites or gastrointestinal issues.

URvet Care offers the only Veterinary CT machine in NYC.

Veterinary CT scans offer detailed images of animals’ internal structures, aiding in diagnosing tumors, fractures, and internal injuries. They guide surgical procedures and treatment plans, helping our team of veterinarians make accurate diagnoses and provide the best possible care for their animal patients.

Veterinary diagnostic testing is vital for identifying diseases and conditions in pets through procedures like blood tests and imaging. These tests aid veterinarians in making informed treatment decisions and promoting early intervention for animals’ well-being. Understanding the importance of these tests empowers pet owners to prioritize their pets’ health for a happy life.

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Amanda Stoopler

Co-Founder &
Chief Creative Officer

Amanda Stoopler is an accomplished entrepreneur, interior designer, and the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at URVet Care. With a rich background in both the business and creative spheres, Amanda has built a career that bridges her diverse interests and skills seamlessly. 

Amanda’s journey began with key internships with luminary fashion figures such as Zac Posen and Diane Von Furstenberg, complemented by her immersion in the business operations at G-III Apparel Group. These formative experiences laid the groundwork for her unique blend of business acumen and creative vision.

After earning degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from George Washington University, Amanda joined Stonehenge LLC, a prominent real estate firm in New York City. Initially part of the marketing team, her passion for design quickly led her to spearhead the company’s capital improvement projects and new acquisitions. Further enriched by her night classes in Architecture and Design at Parsons, Amanda played a pivotal role in overseeing design for projects within the company’s extensive $3 billion portfolio, showcasing her adeptness in navigating both the aesthetic and commercial facets of large-scale ventures.

At the age of twenty-four, Amanda channeled her passion and expertise into her own venture, founding Amanda Paige Interiors. Her firm has since built a stellar portfolio, featuring a wide array of both commercial and residential projects across domestic and international arenas.

Amanda’s role at URVet Care epitomizes her commitment to blending creativity with care. Drawing from personal experiences in both human and veterinary medicine, along with industry knowledge, Amanda leverages her profound experience in design and marketing to lead all creative facets at URVet Care. Her unique perspective and professional acumen drive the brand’s vision of enhancing veterinary care through thoughtful design and impactful leadership.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Amanda finds joy and inspiration in family time, exploring art galleries, and engaging in activities such as tennis and global travel. These experiences enrich her perspective and fuel her continuous drive for innovation and excellence in every project she undertakes.