Travel Certificates for UR Pet



Traveling with ur pet, made easy.

Our team of USDA Accredited veterinarians can help walk you through all the requirements and any inspection forms needed to allow UR pet to join you on UR travels.

We know, we know—packing for a trip is stressful enough without adding the stress of making sure ur pet's papers are in order. Thats where we come in.

Pets are a part of our family and we love to see them travel with their owners.
But before you can get that cute little kitty or pup through security and onto a plane, they’ll need a Domestic or International health certificate—depending on where UR going.

Not all airlines have the same pet policies and some of them can be hard to find, which means that if you book with a carrier that has unclear or non-existent pet policies, ur pet might not be allowed to board. We’re here to help and guide you through all the requirements and any inspection forms needed to allow ur pet to join you on your travels.


Domestic Travel

If UR planning on traveling with UR pet domestically, there are several things to consider in order to ensure UR pet’s health, safety and eligibility for air travel. You’ll generally need to have a current health certificate or vaccination records signed by UR veterinarian. The regulations vary depending on which state UR traveling to and how UR getting there-certain airlines have different requirements and specific forms for you to fill out about UR pet. Our doctors can advise on what exactly you need for a seamless travel experience.


International Travel

If ur planning on taking ur pet abroad, it’s important to plan ahead. Some countries have strict health requirements and restrictions on entry; for example, many countries require ur pet to have received a current rabies vaccination no less than 30 days before travel. Some countries may also require ur pet to be quarantined for a certain amount of time upon arrival. At URvet Care, our USDA-accredited doctors can help you navigate these challenges.

We provide International travel certificates that ensure ur pet meets all necessary requirements for entry into foreign countries. This certificate will allow you to avoid any unnecessary delays or complications when traveling with ur pet. Please contact us before booking your appointment, so we can determine the exact requirements for ur planned travel and ensure you’re able to get the travel certificate you need. You may also find the USDA’s Pet Travel website helpful.


Key Considerations For Ur Travels

Physical and digital copies of their travel certificate, vaccine records and any other important medical records. You should check with ur airline to see if you need any additional documentation beyond this.

Can they accompany you in the cabin, or will they need to travel in the cargo area? If they have to ride in cargo, does urairline allow pets in cargo?

Does ur pet carrier meet the airline’s requirements based on size, materials, labeling and bedding? Some airlines require that pets be kept inside their carriers during flights; others allow them to be carried by their owners after exiting the airport terminal.

Check the temperature restrictions of transporting your pet via air freight before you book ur flight. Some airlines allow pets in cargo areas only if temperatures will remain at or below certain levels during both departure and arrival times; others require that pets be transported in climate-controlled areas of aircraft cabins.

Ur airline might charge handling fees for ur pet. You’ll want to check on this ahead of time so that you don’t get surprised with any unexpected charges when it’s time to check in or when you arrive at your destination.

A contact number for the nearest emergency veterinary hospital at ur destination.

A good supply of any medication ur pet takes.

An ID tag with ur cell phone number (and if appropriate, the country code needed to call from ur destination) on it so that if something happens to her while traveling abroad, you can get in touch with them quickly and easily by phone.

Ensure ur pet has the correct microchip for your destination (we can check for you) and that your contact details with the microchip company are up to date.

Anticipate extra time or requirements may be needed for you to check in ur pet. Some airlines require the pet owner to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure time, so make sure you leave enough time for this step!

Common Questions

We always recommend the earlier the better. However, if you are in a rush or have last minute unexpected travel come up, our team can help you get all UR ducks in a row. Contact our team for more information. 

To ensure UR pet has a comfortable journey, it’s important to plan ahead. Make sure UR pet is familiar and comfortable with their carrier well before the travel date. Pack essentials such as food, water, toys, and any medications UR pet may need. It’s also a good idea to exercise your pet before the journey to help them relax during travel.

Additionally, consult with UR veterinarian to address any specific needs or concerns your pet may have while traveling.

If UR pet is flying with you to a new location domestic or international always consider partnering with a pet travel specialist. 

Some destinations may have specific regulations or restrictions on traveling with certain types of pets. For example, some countries have quarantine requirements for pets entering the country, while others may have breed-specific legislation.

It’s essential to research and understand the rules and regulations of both your departure and arrival locations to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey for you and UR pet.

Yes, many airlines allow pets to travel with their owners. However, each airline has its own set of rules and regulations regarding pet travel, so it’s important to check with the specific airline you plan to use.

Some airlines may require pets to travel in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you, while others may have specific requirements for larger pets traveling in the cargo hold.

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